1927 Cooper-Miller Supercharged Front-Drive


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This Cooper special ran the Indianapolis 500 more times that any other car. It ran between 1927 and 1950 and was driven many times by famed racer "Doc Williams" (1934 - 1941 and 1948).

This car went through three body configurations and we currently have two of the three.

Earl Cooper, of racecar driving fame was the engineer for Henry Miller in 1927. Mr. Cooper was approached by the Buick Motorcar Company to develop and build three cars for the 1927 Indy season. These cars were improved versions of the Miller 91 and were considered superior by many people who were familiar with driving the Miller and Cooper versions.

In 1927, this car started life as a single-man version when it ran at Indy and was race by Peter Kreis and finished 17th.

In 1930, the car was converted to a two-seater version in order to carry two people: the driver and riding mechanic, which was a requirement of Indy starting that year. So to modify it in order to meet requirements, the frame rails were modified and the body was changed to a two-man configuration.

The car was a single-man car in 1937, with styling similar to the 308 Alfa. In 1950 she was retired from racing. During her career, she ran four different engines: an 8-cylinder supercharged Cooper, a V-16 Marmon, a 4-cylinder Miller and a 4-cylinder Offy.

The car was restored to 1927 specifications, when we acquired it in 1997. We have shown it at the Pebble Beach and San Diego Concourse in the past few years. We also have acquired the third body and other components of its related history. The car is documented and pictured in "The Miller Dynasty" by Mark L. Dees.

There are only 5 front-wheel drive Millers currently known with genuine racing histories. These cars are very rare and represent the finest in American engineering and development, continued usability and artistic appreciation.

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