1908 National 40 Model N 50 hp


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National 40 model N 50 h.p. Reliability, Endurance, Comfort and Elegance. The National Motor Vehicle Company was based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its founder Arthur C. Newby was one of the investors who created the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 1912, Joe Dawson won the Indianapolis 500 driving a National. During the period of 1905 to the onset of the Great War, if there was an important race there was a National in contention. In 1909 at the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Nationals stole the show winning or placing high in all the races of the three day meet. In 1908 National produced three models. This automobile is the large model N which is a 480 cubic inch engine. Producing 50hp, it was a very large and powerful vehicle for the day and time.

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