1938 Dubonnet Xenia - 2000 Pebble Beach "Most Elegant Closed Car" Award


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Photos by Scott Williamson
Andre' Dubonnet was a designer of great taste and vision. He named this concept after the love of his life, first wife Xenia Dubonnet-Johnson. She died in 1932 after just two years of marriage to Andre'. He was so heartbroken, that in 1938 he designed this chassis as a tribute to his lovely wife.

Later in 1938, the chassis went to Saoutchik of Paris and this wonderful futuristic body was fitted. This masterpiece is a two-door coupe, airplane-like body with parallel sliding doors. One may even see the elegant "streamline" lines of the Xenia as an evocation of youth, beauty and its bodywork being the last expensive dress Xenia could wear.

When WWII broke out, the car disappeared until June 9, 1946 when the St. Cloud tunnel parade took place in Paris reopening the highway after the end of the war. Xenia is said to have led the parade of celebration.

She is amazing to see in person! We acquired the car from France in 1999 and completed a full restoration in time for Pebble Beach 2000. She has won several awards around the country and has been a great beauty to have passed through our hands.

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