Fun with cars - 1999 "Best of Show" Pebble Beach Winner


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We undertook a five-year restoration on this vehicle and she won the prized "Best of Show" in 1999 at the Pebble Beach "Concours d'Elegance".

The car was designed by H.R. Owens of Gurney Nutting and built by Martin Walters. The Chassis is the longest of the Double Sixes being 159 1/2 inches just a couple short of the Bugatti Royales.

There were approximately 26 Double Sixes built over a 10 year period, most of them being of the smaller horse powers and shorter chassis configurations. The main purpose of the Daimler Double Sixes seems to be the same sorts of things that were true of the Bugatti Royales. However in the UK they did have a market, namely the English Royals themselves for such cars.

Again, the car we have is a one of a kind; there is not another one even close to it. This car was delivered with, Black paint, nickel waistline, black interior woodwork with nickel inlay, nickel piano wire wheels and leather. This vehicle is the ultimate piece of "ART DECO". The hood alone on this Daimler is "eight feet long", only "five feet tall" and the vehicle total is "20-plus feet long". It is an astounding massive vehicle. It was the winner of the Eastbourne Concourse in 1932 and it does not get any better!

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